about us

Sharing special moments with family and friends. Created by homemaker and mother of two. 

Doing honest business for four plus years. 

All of our pieces are handcrafted. We take pride in the quality of all our handmade pieces and materials. Striving for the best in our handmade ability and most importantly knowing our customers, we are consistently evolving in our vision. 


Our Story 

Our handmade journey began in 2015, Dyesha Boutique was started by former Master Cosmetologist, full time wife, and mother  in the beautiful South Carolina. Dyesha is formally Empson Studio. Going by the name Empson Studio for nearly five years ( a wonderful run ) Dyesha fully expresses the vibes of the boutique and designer.  


Owner and designer

Dyesha Empson fiber artist, since 2014.

 As a designer, I've always had a vision of my own inspiration. Since the first time I was allowed to decorate my room. My mother and I, would thrift shop and yard sale. We'd come home..clean up, spray paint, hot glue gun, lace, and sew. You name it we did it. And, it continues today.